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Orange County coronavirus cases rise to 882, deaths remain at 14 – Orange County Register

Orange County’s COVID-19 cases increased from 834 on Sunday to 882 Monday, with the death toll remaining unchanged at 14. The number of hospitalized patients decreased from 137 to 130, but the number of patients in intensive care units rose from 56 on Sunday to 72 on Monday, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency. Of the county’s 882 cases, six, or 1%, involve children; 79, or 9%, are between 18-24; 139, or 16%, are between 25-34; 134, or 15%, are between 35-44; 359, or 41%, are between 45-64; and 164, or 19%, are 65 or older. Men make up 54% of the county’s cases. As of Monday, 10,489 people had been tested for COVID-19 in the county, with enough tests for 950 more people.


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